100% pure Cotton LUNGIs

Buy pure cotton lungi attire for a rich and comfortable look, surf our website for cotton lungis and pick the best one for you. This is an exclusive and affordable e-commerce store for buying cotton lungis. We are full of several designs of 100% cotton lungis and to serve you with your choice at a reasonable price. Check all the exciting deals of our online store and buy the best suitable for you.

Where to buy cotton lungis?

Mr.Lungi is a privileged online store for buying 100% pure cotton lungis at your expediency with special offers. Our online lungi store is offering cost-effective cotton lungis at price starting from 160Rs.

Different types and designs of cotton lungis

Chess lungis Mobile banner

Chess Lungi

Chess design on pure cotton lungis give the perfect look to the wearer. The black and white check lungi looks chic among the men community. The pattern of chess design can be small, big or micro according to the fashion and design of the fabric used. Buy above 600 rs and get free shipping all over India.

Check Lungis

Checks Lungi

Checks on the cotton lungis gives elegance to the attire. Checks of cotton lungis can be broad, small or micro depending on the material and design of apparel. Check lungis come with various shades & colors to choose from. Surf our website & pick the suitable for you according to your requirement.

kasthuri lungis Mobile banner

Kasturi Lungi

Kasturi cotton lungis are comfortable to wear at any point in time. The royal challenge Kasturi pure cotton lungi is available in diverse colors moreover these are colour-fast and hence are long-lasting. Kasturi lungis are also available with two ends stitched together to give more comfort to the wearer.

Stripe Lungi Banner 1

Stripes Lungi

Mr.Lungi always ensures the relief and style of our customers. In our stylish collection of cotton lungi stripe lungi, this is the masterpiece of pure cotton lungis. Lungis with white & black stripes are trendy among men in society. This type of bottom wear is suitable in any seasons with any colored tops.

Random stipe lungis Mobile banner

Random Stripes

Randomly striped lungi is more popular during the festive season. Nowadays colour code in the occasions is at the peak style among individuals, host at every event pertains the colour code of the dress to the guests. This random stripe cotton lungi offers varied colour options for individuals to match up with diverse uppers.

white lungis Mobile Banner

Kerala Lungi

Kelera lungis are popular among men all through the world due to their comfort and ethical value. We are offering diverse designs of Kerela pure cotton lungis to add comfort to your life. Customers will feel comfy and self-satisfied while buying lungi from our exotic e-commerce store. Happy shopping!

Top 3 Colors most Mens like to wear

1. Blue Lungis

Blue is the colour that defines the personality of a man. It is the well-liked colour in cotton lungis among individuals as the blue colour is appreciated by most of the men in the country. We are providing the wonderful blue lungi that all and sundry would like to wear at their ease. Our cost of 100% cotton lungi is also far less than other online stores.

2. Black Lungis

Black colour lungi has its place in terms of fashion among men. It is always preferable by men because this colour can be matched with various uppers like shirts, T-shirts and kurtas. There are exciting deals and many designs of black cotton lungi are available in our online store.

3. White Lungis

Black colour lungi has its place in terms of fashion among men. It is always preferable by men because this colour can be matched with various uppers like shirts, T-shirts and kurtas. There are exciting deals and many designs of black cotton lungi are available in our online store.

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Why buy from us?

We are the best provider of 100% cotton lungis and ensure the comfort and choice of our customers. Mr.Lungi online store is always assisting you to buy lungi for various reasons.

1. 100% pure cotton:

Clothing made of cotton fabric is appreciated by folks for irritation-free and relaxing sort of reasons. We guarantee to provide you with the lungis with 100% pure cotton. Our e-commerce site is dedicated to your choice and cotton material lungi.

2. Cheap price than others:

Lungi is the foremost reasonably priced online store to buy cotton lungi. Our price is far less than another lungi online retail lungi stores. You will wonder to see that our prices are starting from Rs 160 only and this is gainful. What is more, the worth of our product is superior enough that you want for yourself.

3. Direct manufacturing from erode:

Our store has a collection of lungis that are directly manufactured in erode, one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. Customers will get the lungi straight from erode without any middle man. Our manufacturing of pure cotton lungi is according to the demand of the customers.

4. Free shipping on purchases of above 600:

We are offering services to our potential and regular customers with starting price of Rs 160 only. A special offer of free shipping at their doorstep is for those customers who purchase Rs.600 or more.

5. COD on all orders:

Our all customers will be benefitted from cash on delivery service of their cotton lungis. So, now you need not use your plastic money at the time of placing an order.

6. 5-day return policy:

We ensure that you will never get the wrong item. In any case, there is some problem with a product like the design and pattern of cotton lungi is not tempting to your eyes then a 5-day return policy is available.

7. Safe shipping in 5 to 10 days:

We respect your valuable time and your excitement to get your pure cotton lungi at your given address. Your order will be in your safe hands within five days of placing. This is the time taken by the company to reach your provided destination.

Buy Cotton Lungi Online

Online clothing stores have changed the criteria of buying attires. You are always welcome to our e-commerce websites to buy pure cotton lungi. MrLungi is the best online store with several designs and you just need to surf and choose the right 100% pure lungi for you.