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Mr.Lungi Aka Mister Lungi is India’s most affordable online store to buy Men’s Lungi with attractive designs and collections. Not all online shops give the perfect lungi that everyone would like to wear. It is our motto to provides the best designs and high quality readymade lungis at cheap price. Planned to buy south Indian lungi online? then think no further, choose your favorite design from Mr.Lungi. Purchase above 700 Rs and get free shipping all over India.

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Free shipping above 700 rs

Different types of Lungi we have!

We have numerous varieties of patterns starting from Checks, Madras Checks,  Stripes, Chess, Random Stripes, Kasturi, White, Blue, Kerala, etc.

Why Shop from Mr.Lungi?

Mr.Lungi sells lungi at an affordable price with 100% pure cotton material from its own manufacturer. The lungi shopped online doesn’t show much difference, that is low cost compared to other online lungi shops.

1. Affordable

We made the lungi affordable for all. It is made reachable for all our clients without any inconvenience. Shop now and feel relaxed.

2. Low cost compared to other online shops

We offer lungis at a low cost, starts from 160 rupees which are low when compared to other online Lungi shops. Buy our original lungi with the best material at minimal pricing.

3. 100% pure cotton

Our Lungis are made with 100% pure cotton fabrics which make us feel more comfortable and convenient to wear in different climatic conditions.

4. Direct Manufacturer

We being your direct manufacturer have decided to produce our own quality material at an affordable price to weave the lungis.

How our Lungis are manufactured?

1. Manufactured by ourselves in our mill located in Erode

Our Lungis are weaved and designed by ourselves at our mill which is located in Erode. Believe us, get the best men’s lungi from our online store.

2. Manufactured on Machine (Powerloom)

All our Lungis are manufactured in our machines with high-quality cotton fabric. Certainly, the fabric is manufactured at our mills is with power loomed machinery that is rapidly producing the best intricate designs in large quality.

3. Manufactured with 60-60 cotton fabric

All our lungis are produced in our machines with 60-60 thickness fabric, which is a pure cotton material without any mixing.

How our Lungis are shipped to you?

1. Safely packed with a Polyester Shipping Bag

We do the packaging of the ordered lungis with a polyester shipping bag and your goods are our responsibility until it reaches safely to you.

2. We ship within 5 days of order

We assure our clients, that all the orders within India will be shipped within 5 days.

3. Returns are allowed within 5 days of Delivery

The shipping’s are done within 5 days of the order and purchase. We are responsible for the entire order till delivery. We offer a 5-day return policy in case of any damage or any other issues. The delivery date is registered and if the return is delayed the company doesn’t take any acceptance of the return goods unless the reason is genuine. Check our return policy for more details!

Why not buy lungis from Amazon or Flipkart?

Buying from Amazon, Flipkart is not reliable in terms of cost and quality. click here for more details!

1. Quality

We owe our client’s expectation to be assured of the quality. As the price with us is acceptable and affordable, we accept completely to deliver a quality product. Maintaining our quality is the primary motive.

2. Cost

Our products are made affordable for the general public. Our thinking is to make the feasibility of the product to all. Never our clients must find it uncomfortable.

3. Materials

We are not ready to compromise for or sacrifice our clientele for unimportant things. Our client is our hope and our hope is to make our client feel happy.

Benefits of lungi

1. The bad odor from the body can be reduced when the lungi is worn. As well the wearing is easy and gives better comfort.

2. This doesn’t take much time to wear. If you like to be natural and healthy by sitting on the floor every day. This is very essential.

3. There will be no defects in airflow. Longer durability. Though it is not official wear it is more casual. Still there are lot more benefits on wearing lungis, check here.

Different funny ways to use a Lungi

1. Everything is interpreted as funny things among this lungi can be tied in different multiple funny ways like a protecting shield it is used to safeguard owners from insects and other reasons.

2. In the same way, the lungi is used to prevent sun exposure when covered completely. The complete coverage can be done in a boat pattern as a funny leisure sitting.

3. The lungi can also be worn as inner wear for gents preventing too much sun or on a beach preventing private parts to be exposed. This is used to carry people when an emergency arises. In the olden days already this is tried.

Buy Lungi from us

Our Lungi shopping store is specially designed for men who love Tamil ethnic wear. Our Lungis are more comfortable on night and sunny days; for a better feel, buy and try our lungis.