Benefits of wearing Lungi – Advantages & Disadvantages

Lungi is a fabulous nightwear wrap-around garment worn by both men and women in south India especially Tamilnadu and Kerala. It’s casual wear used by people who live in rural areas of South India. It is also used as a work dress by heavy workers. This colorful garment is a must-have in every Tamilian’s wardrobe. Let’s see the benefits of lungi.

Benefits of wearing lungi

Advantages & Benefits of wearing Lungi:

1. Comfort:

Lungi is the most suitable garment for our tropical climate. It is very comfortable to move around in a Lungi. In our culture, we are used to sitting on the floor and this is easier in a lungi when compared to the difficult task of sitting on the floor while wearing jeans.

lungi comfortable to wear

2. Easy to wear:

It’s easy to wear and it hardly takes more than a minute to wear a lungi. You just need to tie it correctly and you’re ready in a minute.

easy to wear

3. Avoid bad odor:

While wearing pants, there is a greater chance of bad odor due to the excessive accumulation of sweat around the genitals. This is caused due to less airflow between your legs and private parts. Wearing a Lungi is a very good solution to this problem.

Bad Odour

4. Easy to sit on the floor:

As mentioned earlier our culture demands us to sit on the floor while eating lunch and while doing Pooja. It’s very difficult to sit in the floor wearing a pant because it is not very flexible like a lungi.

sit on floor with lungi

5. Continuous Air Flow:

Lungi keeps your kegs and private parts thoroughly aerated throughout the day. This keeps unnecessary skin diseases at bay. This does not lead to the bad odor caused due to the bacterial action in excessively sweaty areas.

airflow in lungi

Disadvantages of wearing a Lungi:

1. Difficult to Run::

It is very difficult to run while wearing a Lungi. The lungi may open up if not tied properly. You can double fold the lungi and run but it is still not comfortable to run in a lungi as it is while wearing pants.

run in lungi

2. May fall if not worn properly:

Tying the perfect knot on a lungi needs a great deal of practice.
If not tied properly, it may come off and there is a chance that both you and your Lungi fall.

lungi fall down

3. Not an Formal Wear:

It is not office wear and therefore cannot be worn to your workplace. It’s a very casual outfit; you cannot attend a formal function wearing a lungi.

Lungi in office

4. Higher Visibility on Spreading your Legs:

Spreading your legs and sitting on the floor in front of ladies is not a decent option while wearing a lungi. On spreading your legs, the cloth shifts apartment, and your ties come into the vision which is not a very decent sight to look at.

visible tie


Lungi is not only attire but it is an emotion for the people of Tamilnadu. It is a daily companion in your life and no other garment can match the comfort and ease than lungi. So, what are you waiting for; grab different types of unique lungi from the nearest store.

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