5 Perfect Online Stores to Shop Lungis

Want to Shop Lungi Online?

Online shopping has revolutionized the experience of shopping, especially during the tough times, where moving out has been restricted due to the pandemic.

Shopping for all your needs is the wise option, and you have plenty of sites to look for if you are looking for lungis.

The approaching summer makes it more necessary to grab casual clothes from the shopping racks. Thankfully, you have more options to look for when shopping online, rather than from the local stores.

5 Online stores to Shop Lungis in India

Here are the 5 best sites you can find helpful in picking good quality and uniquely designed lungis. Buy lungi online from any one of these store.

buy lungi online

1. Mr.Lungi

Started in 2020, Our brand slowly grew to cater to the needs of users of lungis across India, especially in Tamilnadu. We have more than just checked lungis; have a variety of designs such as chess, stripes, and more.

You can browse through the categories and choose the lungis you want to buy with no hassles. They are categorized based on the designs available, which means you need only a few minutes to land on the product you look for.

Mr.lungi website


● As the site itself has a range of products categorized based on the available designs, you can be sure that the range of designs is more here.

● The usual cotton-checked lungis, chess, stripes, random stripes, EID white, premium blue, kasturi, madras checks, small checks, Plain, multi-color patterns are what you can find on our website.

● You can also shop the Kerala lungis from our site. The cotton-checked Lungis come in variants of big and small checks, and multiple colored checks.

Delivery & Return Policies of the Website:

Our delivery charges are very simple and clear, For purchase above 600 Rs, the shipping are free all over India.

For Purchases below 600, we charge around 50 to 90 Rs based on location and kg.

You can pay using multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, UPI, Paytm, Phonepae, GPay and can track the order.

We have 5-day return policy in case if there are any damages or other issues. Read our return policies here.

Price range: 

The price range starts from Rs.160 and goes up to Rs. 250.

2. Pothys

Pothys is a trusted name when it comes to dresses for all. A very popular name in the households of South India with branches across Tamilnadu, and a few southern states, this is the best destination to buy lungis.

pothys lungi


● Pothys lets you shop for lungis with ease as the site is designed to choose based on your preference. You can filter for colors and also choose the price ranges to pick from.

● You can find multiple designs of lungis on this online shopping site. Lungis are available in different materials, and cotton is the choice of people who need comfy clothes.

● You can find lungis of pure cotton material on this site. There are ample designs available on this site. Big checked, small checked, Plain colored, white checked, Flower Printed, Kattari; these are common lungi designs and are available here.

● You can find the popular color choices in each pattern and design when you shop online on this site.

Delivery & Return Policies of the Website:

The delivery charges vary based on the destination, and the minimum charges start from Rs. 50. The charges are indicated when you place the order. The delivery is carried out all through the globe. 

You can pay using multiple payment options, and can track the order. In case of return required, you need to place a return order within 24 hours of receiving the product. 

Price range: 

The price range starts from Rs. 299 and goes up to Rs. 360

3. Lungiwala

You can get the best lungis from Lungiwala.com, and the firm has been around for more than 7 decades. It is the one-stop solution for the needs of lungi users. Find the lungis in the desired material and get the ultimate comfort you look for in a lungi.

Lungiwala lungi


● Picking the lungi of your choice is never a hassle with lungiwala.com for it has been designed to pick what you need after searching them with ease.

● You get the soft textured plain lungis, golden zari lungis, fancy lungis, and a lot more attractive designs. A few of them are handcrafted ring design, which is available in different variants. 

● The site offers an amazing range of designs, for example; the floral designs neatly spread over. Lungis with abstract designs with clocks, coconut leaves, and newspaper designs are a few of the choices available. 

● You will also be amazed to see the embroidered lungis, lungis with batik print, white check, and plain white lungis on this site.

Delivery & Return Policies of the Website:

You can get free delivery for every order and no minimum purchase amount is involved. The return policy says product that has gone past 10 days of purchase cannot be returned. 

Limited edition, kids, and sale lungis are not eligible for return. Visit the return policy page to get to know more about returning the goods, and checking if it is possible to get the money back.

Price range: 

The price range starts at Rs. 315 and goes up to Rs. 598.

4. My Nandu

Nandu brand of lungis is known for taking the image higher for this attire. The Elite lungis from Nandu have made sure that the attire brings in more color and attention. In fact, it has created a revolution in the field of lungis, and there are lungis from this brand for women and kids too.

Mynandu lungis


● The premium and elite lungis of the Nandu brand are the sensational options you have got in this site of Nandu. The assortment of colors and vibrant prints take them to a level more than an attire to be worn at home. 

● Designed to be comfortable wear it also ensures the wearer does not look too casual but sports the cool look. Of course, there are other designs too, the Madras checks Madras Bold, random stripped lungis, full-circle design, vintage style lungis, plain colored, plain white, white macho, and print lungis available from this brand. 

● You can search for Premium and Elite lungis, and the new arrivals section for more choices. You can also check out the lungis for women and kids on this site.

Delivery & Return Policies of the Website:

You can return the item within 15 days of receiving it. The site accepts return if the product is in the same condition as delivered. You need to submit the receipt as proof.

Price range: 

The price range starts from Rs. 298 and goes up to Rs. 575.

5. 999 Lungis

A brand that is known for its credibility in the market for men’s casual clothing is 999 Lungis. The website of 999 lungis has more than lungis to offer and lets you place an order, and track it. The site is designed to make it easy for using and purchase clothing. The site lets you shop with the many categories, and also it hosts the best sale option when looking to save your money.

999 Lungi


You have multiple options to choose from when you go for 999 lungis. The Denim lungis are one of the noteworthy designs, you can get here. You have plain and patterned choices in this variant.

Denim lungis with checks are available if you want some checked options rather than the usual ones. Other designs include white checks, printed, box, which are available in all vibrant colors.

One of the features that are rarely found in many other lungi brands is the choice of plain colors. You can find an amazing range of plain lungis in multiple colors.

Delivery & Return Policies of the Website:

The site lets you return the product within 30 days of the date of delivery, which is quite a lot of time, where most sites offer only 15 days. You cannot however return undergarments and socks. The site sends the goods ordered within 3 working days usually. You will be notified about the delivery and package location via SMS.

Price range: 

The price range starts from Rs.300 and goes up to Rs. 650.

Why not buy Lungis from Amazon or Flipkart?

1. Cost:

It is quite tempting when it comes to shopping for any dress from huge sites like Amazon and Flipkart, as there are lots of discounts and offers. If you think you can save money from buying Amazon, Flipkart, or other sites, there are reasons why you should not try buying from there.

We all know Amazon is not a manufacturer or a direct seller. Many sellers who are third parties choose Amazon to sell their products, and these sellers get the goods from manufacturers. The cost of importing, and the cost of the actual goods, and the profit of the seller add up here as the price tag.

To tally things, they buy lungis that are of Rs. 40 to Rs. 60, and then sell in these sites for Rs. 250 to Rs. 300. You end up buying a product that is not even 25% costing compared with the price you pay.

Amazon seller fees calculation:

Let’s calculate the Amazon seller fees for VSG Nandu brand Lungis (2 pieces)

amazon fees
  • Selling Price: 500 Rs
  • Amazon referral fees: 67
  • Closing fees: 8 Rs
  • Shipping National: 95 Rs (cost may slightly reduce for local buyers)
  • GST: 30 Rs
  • Total Amazon Charges – 200 Rs
  • Profit: 300 for 2 lungis (150 per lungi)

In such cases, it is evident that the seller can make a profit of 100 INR, only if he gets a lungi for 50 INR. You can see that the charges for Amazon are around Rs. 200, and this site alone makes more profit. The profit does not go to the seller or the buyer. It is the online shopping site that makes the most.

2. Quality:

There is no way you can expect a good quality product for Rs. 50. There is no way you can imagine it lasting long, or the color staying after washing.

3. Design:

You can see the websites mentioned here have a huge range of designs that are unique and new to the market. You cannot find them on Amazon or Flipkart.


Now that you know where you look for the lungis, you can always lay on the couch after a tiresome day and shop at the convenience of your home. Find the best choices available for you, and the new designs, which often are not available all in one place.

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