10 Different Funny ways to use a Lungi

Lungi is a versatile garment, and when we talk about its versatility, it’s not just in the clothing section but much more. Let’s see what a lungi can do apart from being a garment.

10 Different Funny ways to use Lungi:

Article idea and Images credit goes to Lungi Brothers

1. As a Sling Bag:

You don’t have to try to balance so many things in your hand. Just convert your Lungi into a sling bag and hang it on your shoulders or around your neck. You can put so many things inside it as it contains lots of space in it. 

lungi as sling bag

2. As a Reclining Chair:

While chilling on a beach, you are in constant need of sitting somewhere. You may not be able to carry your beach chair everywhere, but you can take your Lungi around, and you could stretch it and lean back and enjoy your beach day.

lungi as reclining chair

3. As a Shawl:

If you have a very trendy lungi that perfectly fits your outfit, you could wrap it around your neck and wear it like a shawl.

Lungi as shawl

4. As back support on a Chair:

Life is straightforward if you could use your resources in all the best possible ways. If you need a cushion, you could roll your favourite Lungi and place it behind your back and use it as back support.

lungi as back support in chair

5. As a Blanket:

Weather is like a pregnant woman as it can have mood swings at any time of the day. The day may be enjoyable when you get out of your house, but the weather may get windy and cold once the day proceeds. In situations like this, your Lungi can be quickly changed into a blanket.

Lungi as blanket

6. As a Changing Room:

You don’t know that when you may need a change of clothes. If you have a lungi, you can put it to use by holding it around your body and changing into a new set of clothes at such times.

lungi to change clothes

7. As a Groundsheet:

While going out, you may not always get a bench to sit on, and you’ll have to sit on the ground. You can just spread your Lungi on the floor and sit on it without spoiling your dress; in such situations.

as ground sheet

8. Can be Worn like a Shorts:

While climbing a mountain, it’s challenging to manage a lungi that is tied in a typical style. In such a situation, you can hold the Lungi up above your ties, grab the material in the middle and feed it between your legs. Then stuff it inside at your back and convert it into shorts.

lungi as short

9. Can be used as a Shield from the Sun:

You can use your Lungi to protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and thus protect you from tanning.

hide from sun

10. Used to Carry People:

You can always put your Lungi into use while you impress your girl by giving her a piggy back ride.

lungi used to carry people


As you can see your favourite Lungi can be put into various uses and have several benefits apart from wearing it in the traditional style.

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