Top 10 Best Lungi Brands in India & Tamilnadu (2021)

10 Best Lungi Brands in India

Lungi is the casual wear of South Indian men; which is most of the times, a dress worn at home or at night. In the current days, the lungis get trendier and famous. Top brands of India come up with huge varieties of lungis, get to know what the different brands have to offer.

best lungi brand in india
Best Lungi Brands in India

1. Mr.Lungi

The vast collections, attractive colors, and designs are what you can be assured about Mr.Lungi. Shopping them online from this site is possible and you will see that the brand has more to offer. 

The generic white and black mix, premium blue, small check, kasthuri madras checks, Chess, 1 Inch stripes, and random stripe designs are available for the buyers. 

You can find colors that are rarely found in cotton lungis here; like maroon, brown, violet, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, black are few examples of the different color combos available in the generic model of this brand. 

The range starts at approximately around 160 Rs and goes up to 250 INR. This is a non-offerable price among all other online lungi stores in the market.

Stripe Lungi Banner 1

2. Kitex Lungis

The company is known for its quality products that include clothes for men and women. It exports children’s wear to US. Based in Kochi, the brand that began in 1992 and is known for the range of lungis it offers to the customers. 

You can find the 100% cotton lungis in various styles. The printed lungis are a hit among the customers. 

Multi colored checked lungis, single colored lungis with big black checks, white and blue checks, plain saffron and black colored lungis, are few of the many choices available.

Kitex brand lungi

3. Sangu Mark

Functioning from 1927, the brand is known for offering economy range of lungis. Also, they bring lungis from the original weavers, which assure the quality.

They have numerous choices of lungis which include the multicolored lungis that have checkered pattern of different sizes, colored plains, white and black mix lungis, Kattari lungis, printed lungis, huge stripes multi colored lungis, and lot more.

Sangu mark lungi

4. Blue Leaf

Blue Leaf lungis are 100% cotton handloom lungis and here again you have plenty of options. The price ranges are economic; and you can find multi colored, Kattari, whites, plain colors lungis. 

You have lot more to buy when you go for the Blue Leaf lungis on Amazon. They are available as stitched free size lungis, and you need to follow wash care instructions, to improve the life of the lungi.

BLUE Leaf Lungis

5. Dhrona Lungis

Another name that is popular in the world of lungi is Dhrona. This is because the company offers huge range of options. If you prefer printed lungis then you have multiple color choices from Dhrona.

Plain cotton color lungis and white cotton lungis from Dhrona are very popular. You can find pure cotton, and mixed options. 

The mixed options come with 20% polyester and 80% cotton. You can also find all the traditional lungi patterns and designs from Dhrona.

Dhrona Lungis

6. Niranj

Niranj caters to the various needs of the customers. You can find printed lungis, katari, mixed, and any other pattern or design from Niranj. 

If you think that you need unstitched lungis, which you can alter to your specific needs, Niranj has the solution. You can get unstitched lungis too from this brand. The cotton and mixed fabric options too are available.

Niranj Lungi

7. SBN Lifestyle

If you want to make a difference with the lungis, then choose SBN lifestyle lungis. This is because their collections are vast, and you will be able to find something that doesn’t go with the regular options in the market. 

You can also get stitched lungis of small checks in multicolor, kattari lungis, white and black with other hues, and lot more. SBN Lungis are hand loomed which offer comfort to the users.

SBN Lifestyle Lungi

8. Papaya

A brand that has earned reputation not only by being for decades in the market, but also with its variety of options to cater to the customer’s needs is Papaya. 

Like its competitors, it supplies lungis across India, and you can find it available in Amazon

You can find plain colors, Kattari, checks, stripes, and other types of lungis from this brand for affordable price ranges. Cotton stitched lungis for free size is what the brand has got to offer.

Papaya lungi

9. Nandu Brand Lungis

Nandu is the pioneer in the range of Elite lungis. It offers more than the usual lungis, and premium choices are available from this brand. It has collections for men and young boys. 

The Nandu brand lets you buy the huge range. The varieties include Madras Checks, Madras Bold, Full Circle, Urban Style, Blacks, White Plain, Random Stripes, Vintage, Color Plain, print lungis, and White Macho. 

You can choose from the Premium and Elite lungis; the price scale of the Premium lungis start from Rs. 278, and Elite lungis begin from Rs. 325. You can get the size from 2.10 meters, and it goes up to XL size.

Nandu Brand Lungis

10. Cotton Crown

Another common name in the lungi is Cotton Crown. Good quality premium cotton lungis in various colors and designs are available from this brand. 

You can trust this brand for the skin friendly lungis. Huge checks with matching colors, multi-checks, printed designs, are a few of what you can get from this brand.

Cotton Crown Lungi

5 Famous Lungi brands in Tamilnadu

While these lungi brands that are mentioned above are popular all over India, you need to keep in mind that there are some brands that are famous in Tamilnadu, where lungi is an essential part of the day.

1. SRS Lungi

Started in 1974, SRS stands for Sree Rajaganapathy Stores. It was started for the men who wear lungis in Tamilnadu. Later their business potential increased, which helped them go across Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, and Karnataka. 

They offer Bombay Dyeing lungis, cotton checked lungis, Polyester lungis, printed lungis, white checked Muslim Lungis, plain colored lungis, and Kerala design lungis. They offer more than these, and there are towels, sarees, and nighties from SRS.

SRS Lungi

2. Kibs Lungi

The most significant factor about this brand is they employ traditional handloom methods to offer handloom lungis to its customers. It also has the international quality products for its innerwear like vest and underwear. 

Another factor that garners attention is that the dyes used are non-irritating, and chemicals. They also recycle and ensure an effluent treatment and bio-degradable products, and contribute to the environment. 

The lungis are 100% cotton, and authentic handloom clothes. The brand also is known for its Avant-Garde knitting machinery, which are responsible for the high quality hosiery.

Kibs Lungi

3. 999 Lungis

This brand that is famous in Tamilnadu was actually founded in 1910 in Kolkata. It was a trading establishment initially, and currently it has a global presence. 

There are 20 representative offices across India, and in the South, their offices are located at Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.

They also have strong market in Qatar, Dubai, and Maldives. The 999 have a huge range of lungis, which include the plain and checked lungis in various colors. 

Vibrant and subtle colors in ranges that you cannot imagine are available here, and you can also get the regular white check, and plain white lungis. The denim lungis from these brands are very popular.

999 Lungis

4. Ismail Lungi

Islamic shop is a online platform for Ismail Lungis. It has ethnic wears for men and women, not only for the followers of Islamic religion, but quality products for all. 

Ismail Lungis has wide range of lungis which includes white lungis of finer quality, white lungis with checks, Kattari, export quality white lungis, white and black mix lungis which checks of various dimensions.

There are also multi-colored lungis, in checks, boxes, and digital prints. You can also go for single colored lungis with the same prints and check options.

Ismail Lungi

5. Gowri Tex

It was began in 1980 as Sundar & Co. Now, the brand is one of the top and leading manufacturers of cotton lungis, bed sheet, and other products. They cater to the needs of varied customers, and you can get cotton lungi, and polyester cotton mix lungis. You can also get premium stitched lungis from this brand. They cater to the needs of varied customers, and you can get cotton lungi, and polyester cotton mix lungis. You can also get premium stitched lungis from this brand.

Gowri Tex Lungi

How to wear lungi?

One of the dresses for men that is too easy to wear is the lungi. Unlike dhoti, lungi is stitched, which makes it easy and comfy to wearYou need to start by entering into the lungi. 

  • Lower it and place your legs inside. Rise it up, and then draw both the ends to the extreme in left and right sides. 
  • Bring one of the ends to the waist, and fold the other one tightly. 
  • Insert the folded side along the waist. Fold tight to ensure the lungi stays put on the waist. 
  • You can choose to drag at any side, left or right to choose your comfort. Also, wearing it tight or bit loose is your choice. 

However, wearing it tight avoids any mishap. It takes less than a minute to wear a lungi, and you can be confident and feel at ease, if you take care about the folding one of the ends correctly.

Benefits of wearing lungi

In countries like India with tropical climate, it is not easy to put on tight clothing through the day. This is why men prefer wearing dhotis or lungis at the evenings.

  • Compared with the dhotis, lungis are easy to wear and takes less time. 
  • Due to the colour combos available, the lungis do not show off dirt settled on them like a dhoti, and you can manage till the next wash. 
  • It prevents the chances of infection because it is loose and keeps the legs get some air. 
  • It covers the lower half of the body, and it is an universal fit for the family. Every grown up male in the family can go for a lungi. 
  • It is easy to sit on the ground when you wear a lungi. 
  • The continuous air flow eliminates the odor that is caused by wearing pants in the hot day time. 

There are huge colour and design options which have made lungi a preferred choice among youngsters.

Types of Lungi

The casual wear of a lungi has many types. If you think just the bright colour stitched counterpart to dhotis to be something you wear to bed, then get to know the types available. 

As a preferred attire of tropical parts, lungis come most of the times in the material of cotton. You need to ensure that you get 100% pure cotton lungis, if you want soft and skin friendly dresses. 

Polyester lungis are better choices if you do not want to spend time in pressing lungis. There are plain colored lungis that have single colour throughout, and the checked lungis where there are multicolor options, and the printed lungis. 

You can also find handloom and power handloom varieties, which simply defines the method of manufacturing.

Can we wash Lungis? What happens if we wash?

Of course, you can wash your lungis. Nothing prevents you from washing your lungis every time after you use it. 

If you think there might be colour bleeding in few cases, which is common in all dark hued garments, you need to hand wash it separately. 

Read the washing instructions and then find if you can hand wash or machine wash your lungi. You need to stick to the instructions, if you want to use the lungi for a long time.


Why much a do about the lungi? If this is your thought, then give a second thought. Any dress you use should be bright and look clean and neat. A lungi is no exception. Getting from the right brand and choosing from huge option ranges can help you feel comfortable and confident. Even a casual wear it is vital to show off your attitude. 

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